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esox ecosse is the official publication of the pike anglers association for scotland.

Delivered to our members doors quarterly. We also provide an online version of the magazine.

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Esox Ecosse MagazineEsox Ecosse - PAAS Magazine

The magazine for those who like to pursue their pike angling in Scotland, those who have a passion about the unique experience that is Scottish pike angling. 

For those for whom, the 'numbers game' means little, but who care passionately about the protection and conservation of their quarry and its environment. 

If any of this strikes a chord with you, then why not join PAAS and get Esox Ecosse sent directly to your door and now also available online.  Anyone with contributions, articles and pictures please forward them to our Editor Ciaran Wilson.

Esox Ecosse Magazine

Contribute to Esox Ecosse  a Pike Fishing in Scotland magazine

Fancy writing a wee article on that special trip, your new PB, your new tactic or product review? Have you caught a nice fish recently that you'd like to share in the mugshot section?

We are not looking for the next William Shakespear or a 10,000 word novel but all contributions to our club magazine are always appreciated.

Send your contributions to our editor, Ciaran Wilson.
** Photographs of angler's in boats not wearing boyancy aids will not be featured.

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